Talent Management Workshops

Three Day Workshop
Tailored To Your Needs And Run At Your Site

Talent management is increasingly becoming a critical discipline within organisations as the implications of not having the right people in the correct jobs and the wrong people removed from the organisation, is all too clear.

This three day workshop is modular and spread over a period of months to enable flexibility of content and to allow participants to complete actions between sessions. In full it covers the following areas:

• Development of a talent competency model
• Competency interviewing
• Succession planning
• Developing, rewarding and motivating talented people
• Re deploying employees and terminating employment

As some of these elements might not be applicable, for instance you may already have a competency model, the content can be flexed to your needs and the overall time and cost reduced if necessary.

Competency Model Development

If your organisation does not have a competency model framework, then it is essential one is developed for effective talent management. Either a Protostar consultant can develop one for you or your Talent Managers can attend this workshop and learn how to do it themselves. Once the model has been developed and critiqued by our team, we would deliver the next module.

Competency Interviewing

Traditional interviewing is proven to be a highly ineffective method of selecting the best candidate or identifying internal talent and leaves employers open to legal challenges. Competency based interviewing has a far higher statistical validity and if done properly, is unlikely to receive a successful legal challenge.

This practical workshop, takes your competency model, allows participants to develop suitable competency questions and pro forma answers for poor, acceptable and good. In the afternoon, mock competency interviews are run and feedback is given.

Succession Planning

Identifying internal talent, high risk of loss employees and plans for future progression, are fraught with difficulty. This part of the workshop highlights best practice in this area and helps participants to develop a process for your organisation.

Developing, Rewarding And Motivating Talented People

This module covers how to set comprehensive development plans for talented individuals without raising expectations of advancement. In addition, motivation and retention techniques are discussed and proposals developed for your organisation.

Re-Deploying And Terminating Employment

Talented people are often found to be in the wrong roles and some do not turn out to be as talented as was first thought.  This part of the workshop covers how to move talent and how to exit them, either through a capability process or settlement agreement.

Who Should Attend?

HR Managers, Talent Managers, Business Owners and anyone involved in the development and deployment of staff.

Not Your Decision?

If you are interested but it is not your decision to run such training at your organisation, then please either forward this page on to the relevant decision maker or email us their contact details and we will subtly, suggest they run it!

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