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How Effective Are Your Supervision Meetings?

All too often in the health and care sector, supervision meetings are just an opportunity to moan, communicate information that should have already been passed on already or to tell an employee what they are doing wrong. As a result, they are often seen as unconstructive performance management meetings that add little value. Even if your meetings are nowhere near that bad, could you be getting more out of them?

Effective supervision meetings are critical to any business

This workshop equips supervisors with the tools and techniques required to ensure that their supervision meetings and performance management, meet both regulatory requirements and truly add value to all those impacted.


CQC and NHS guidelines on National Minimum Standards, specify that employees must receive regular "supervision meetings" with their manager and also have a formal appraisal as part of a performance management system. Typically these are run by the immediate line manager who could well be a relatively junior and inexperienced employee, recently promoted from a support or nursing role.

As supervision meetings are so critical to ensuring key tasks, standards and development objectives are met, plus poor performers are dealt with effectively, it is crucial that line managers are trained in performance management and supervision skills.

Protostar UK workshops on Effective Supervision Meetings Have You Downloaded Our FREE Poster?

As supervision meetings are so critical to ensuring key tasks, standards and development objectives are met, plus poor performers are dealt with effectively, it is crucial that line managers are trained in performance management and supervision skills.

It is designed to be printed and put on the wall of any room in which supervision meetings take place, to act as a reminder of the key points that should be covered.

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What Is Covered By The Supervision And Performance Management Workshop?

  • Overview of regulatory requirements
  • Clarification of process at your organisation
  • Benefits of effective clinical supervision
  • What should be covered?
  • Giving constructive day to day feedback
  • BARR positive feedback model (Background, Actions observed, Result, Recognition)
  • BARAR developmental feedback model (with additional Alternative Actions)
  • Recording day to day feedback
  • Self Reflection using Protostar’s own tried and tested technique
  • Helping others to self reflect
  • Preparing for supervision meeting
  • Structure of meeting
  • Common pitfalls
  • Keeping on track
  • Handling difficult reactions
  • Communicating difficult messages about performance
  • Moving from supervision to coaching
  • Moving from supervision to capability review (poor performers)
  • Setting clear objectives
  • Summing up in appraisal reviews
Who Would Benefit From Attending This Workshop?

Any manager, team leader or supervisor that carries out clinical supervision meetings, appraisals or is involved in providing feedback as part of performance management. Aimed at NHS managers and supervisory staff from mental health care, dementia care or any other form of residential, social or hospital care environment. This workshop also forms an effective element of nursing training, where supervision is to be part of the role.

How Will This Be Delivered?

This workshop can be run as a one or two day programme, with day two run 6 weeks later, after delegates have had an opportunity to carry out a supervision meeting. This workshop utilises accelerated learning techniques and is designed to be effective whether delegates have a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic preference for learning.

The first day is broken down into 20 minute segments, where you will learn something, discuss it in groups and then practice with other delegates. Where relevant you will then prepare for one of your real supervision meetings.

At the subsequent optional session run approximately 6 weeks later (to ensure all delegates have completed at least one supervision meeting) you will self-reflect on how it went against a set of 22 specific questions designed to ensure a meaningful analysis takes place. Experiences will be discussed as a group and development plans completed. The session will continue with a refresher of all the key techniques covered.

Not Your Decision?

If you are interested but it is not your decision to run such training at your organisation, then please either forward this page on to the relevant decision or email us their contact details and we will subtly, suggest they run it!


Protostar have extensive experience of training managers in the health and care sectors. See our client list. Testimonials available, from those working in mental health care, NHS, dementia care and similar organisations.

How Much Does This Cost?

To run this workshop in-house typically costs £950 +VAT (one day) or £1500+ VAT (two days) depending upon how much tailoring is required; how many delegates and location.

To express an interest in Protostar tailoring this workshop to your needs and delivering to up to 15 managers, please contact us here.

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