How To Protect Data And Reputations Training

5 Hour Workshop
Tailored to Your Needs And Delivered at Your Site

Why Run This Workshop For Your Managers?

Whether it be rioters using social media to organise groups; people falling foul of the courts for their Twitter messages or more commonly, careers ending due to a moment of madness online, learning the perils of using the internet, is vital for all managers (and in turn, their staff.)

In addition to loss of reputation (for individuals and the company) data loss is a growing problem and yet it can so easily be controlled.

This workshop also allows you to analyse risks at your own organisation and set an action plan. For organisations in the medical or care sector we have a specialist version of this workshop. Combined with resources we provide you to educate your employees, this is a highly effective workshop that has received media coverage around the world

Situations That Can Be Covered? (Tailored to Your Needs)

  • Your staff seem to spend all day on Twitter or Facebook, but you can never catch them, what can you do?
  • A member of staff was reported for viewing porn on his laptop, but you can’t see any record of it, what should you do?
  • One of your staff wrote nasty comments about your company on their Facebook page. Can you fire them?
  • One of your employees has explicit photos on their Facebook page, can you tell them to take those photos off?
  • You want to screen all job candidates by checking their social network pages is that OK?
  • You think one of your employees is a cyber bully, what should you do?
  • A member of staff keeps asking for details of any records on them, plus any email sent by their boss that refers to them, do you need to keep providing it?
  • Data leaves your site on laptops and USB sticks, how can you minimise the risk?
  • You know that data could easily be lost from your company
  • You think you are probably in breach of the Data Protection Act
  • How should you coach a social media user who assumes that their pages are private? (We show you how to access them)

Protostar training is both legal and real world practical advice.

You can send us your questions in advance and we will try to incorporate them into the session.

What Will You Know At The End Of The Workshop?

  • Legal requirements of an organisation regarding privacy and control of data.
  • How to observe and video employees, monitor emails, web usage and out of work activities, without contravening the law.
  • How to get your staff off Facebook and Twitter while at work
  • The potential pitfalls for employees and companies of social networking
  • How easy it is to bypass IT controls/restrictions
  • How easy it is to look like you are using Excel but be On Facebook
  • How easy it is to access someone else’s Facebook page
  • How to stop employees looking at non work related websites
  • How to handle employees who are found to have acted inappropriately
  • How to tackle cyber bullying
  • How to restrict loss and sharing of data
  • Overview of Data Protection Act
  • How to deal with many other similar issues
  • Identification of areas that you should focus on after this event
  • You will have analysed risks at your own organisation and set an action plan

In addition, we will show a number of issues that also impact staff in their private lives, for instance;

  • How to tell exactly where a photograph posted online was taken and when (could be of your children.)
  • How “Sexting” is a growing concern
  • How Internet Trolls behave (and they could be your staff or family)
  • How lives can be changed by images shared electronically and how they never go away

Protostar UK workshop on how to protect data

Free Resources

If these topics have raised concerns in your mind, then feel free to download our free customisable booklet that can be issued to any employee with access to the internet.

It covers all the main “watchouts” plus it can be tailored by adding your logo, contact details and specific policy information.

To download the booklet please complete the information below and you will receive a link sent via email.

Download Lets Talk About The Internet Booklet

Not Your Decision?

If you are interested but it is not your decision to run such training at your organisation, then please either forward this page on to the relevant decision maker or email us their contact details and we will subtly suggest they run it!

How much does this cost?

To run this 5 hour workshop in-house typically costs £850 +VAT depending upon how much tailoring is required; how many delegates and location.

To express an interest in Protostar tailoring this workshop to your needs and delivering to up to 15 managers, please contact us here.

Expressing interest does not commit you!

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