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Personality Profiling - SHL Partner

Protostar Leadership Development can give behavioural and personality profile feedback using a wide range of psychometric tests and personality profiles from all the leading providers. Whereas most consultancies are linked to one provider, we offer SHL, Hogan Personality Inventory, MBTI, Belbin, DDI and PDI personality profiles. As a SHL partner we can provide a wide range of SHL personality profile tools such as:

Protostar - Hogan certified Consultants

As Hogan certified consultants we use Hogan’s bank of personality profiles to support coaching of high potential employees or those who are displaying behaviours that might slow down their career.

The Hogan Personality Inventory consists of three profiles, HPI which looks at positive traits or the bright side of personality. MVPI looks at whether there is a value fit between the individual and the organisation, while the HDS looks at the "dark side" of a manager’s personality, which is actually behaviours that only surface when they are stressed, bored or frustrated.

In addition to our comprehensive range of award winning online 360 tools we can provide Myers Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI) and Belbin Team Assessment.

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Typical uses would be to support recruitment; to design specific interview questions; to support coaching and our wide range of consultancy services .

What Is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometrics is a generic term that covers both personality profile assessment using tools such as OPQ, MBTI or Hogan and aptitude assessment using online tests such as SHL's Verify range that covers numeric, verbal and critical reasoning.

Personality profiles involve answering a series of questions by rating yourself against specific statements, thereby building up a profile of what is "most like you".

Personality profiles are extensively used as part of executive recruitment and executive coaching. There is no right or wrong personality but the reports might highlight areas for further discussion, for instance an HR manager who comes out low on the scale for "Caring" might be challenged on their ability to deal sympathetically with people issues.

More information on the theory and statistical validity of psychometric testing can be found in Psychology and Organizations written by our MD Michael Coates.

Why Use Protostar For Your Personality Profiling?

Protostar Psychometric Testing

Very few consultancies offer a fully qualified SHL partner, Hogan certified consultants, MBTI consultants, award winning 360 feedback and a wide range of psychometric aptitude testing. Our consultants have provided feedback to hundreds of managers across the world. Personality profiles when used as part of executive coaching or recruitment are charged at cost price.

Personality Profiles are particularly effective leadership development tools when used in conjunction with our award winning 360 degree feedback questionnaires.

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