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Launching UK Management Training in Mexico

Prince Charles Launches Mexico - UK Dual Year


2015 was the  "Year of the United Kingdom"   in Mexico, a joint initiative between the Governments of Mexico and the UK, launched by Prince Charles, in Mexico City.   This resulted in stronger commercial links between the two countries.

So what better time to start using a British coach?    


This is now possible as Michael Coates, Managing Director of Protostar Leadership Development, is based in both the UK and Mexico, where he coaches talented leaders.     

He is also a visiting lecturer at Tec de Monterrey

With a Mexican wife and a home in Mexico, Michael is available to support more high potential, English speaking managers.

 Michael Coates- Executive Coach In Mexico

Management Consulting Services and Leadership Training in Mexico by Protostar

At Home In Mexico


Michael has led Protostar Leadership Development since 2007 and during that time he has coached and supported managers from companies such as Caterpillar, Nike and Novartis.

Before that he was HR director (Europe, Middle East and Africa) for Cummins Inc. an American manufacturer of diesel engines, with manufacturing plants in SLP. (Where he met his Mexican wife.) 

A regular conference speaker, lecturer at  Tecnológico de Monterrey  and author of “Psychology And Organisations”, Michael is easily able to blend business ideas with practical global experience.


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 Executive Coaching In Mexico–Process

Executive Coaching In Mexico

Michael At British Embassy – Mexico City


Executive Coaching In Mexico with Michael Coates is ideally suited to middle and senior managers who;

  • Speak business level English
  • Must adapt to European or US organisations
  • Are at a crucial point in their career
  • Need to improve performance
  • Need to tackle specific behaviours
  • Are on a succession plan

After an initial FREE AND NO OBLIGATION Skype consultation, a set of development objectives will be agreed, followed over the next 12 months by;

  • 360 degree questionnaire or personality profile
  • Five face to face coaching sessions of 2 hours (10 hours total)
  • Five Skype video coaching sessions of 1 hour (5 hours total)
  • “Unlimited” email and telephone support
  • Action plans at the end of each session

This is Action Oriented Coaching that achieves results.

 Executive Coaching - Return On Investment


Michael Coates ITESM 

Michael Coates – Visiting Lecturer At Tec De Monterrey


As a business leader and famously critical of consultant’ fees, Michael will only agree to support development objectives that are achievable (with effort) and will generate a significant Return On Investment.

How confident should you be that this will happen?

  • Michael is an experienced global leader
  • He coaches managers from global corporations that demand value
  • He can put you in contact with managers who have benefited
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey   invite him to come from the UK to lecture three times per year 
  • Take a look at his  LinkedIn  recommendations 

While effort will be required from the manager being coached, they should feel confident that coaching will make a big difference to their performance and career prospects.

 Why Wait To Have Executive Coaching?

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