Managing Poor Performers Workshop

5 Hour Workshop

Tailored For Your Needs And Delivered At Your Site

Why Run This Workshop?

  • Do you have employees that just do not meet the grade?
  • Square peg, round hole?
  • Staff who refuse to move with the times and embrace new ways of working?
  • Is someone else always to blame?
  • Are they inflexible?

The above is far too often cited by employers as factors that hold back the business. However, capability and poor performance is often tolerated by employers for far longer than necessary. The consequences of this can lead to customer dissatisfaction, low morale, reduced productivity, increased costs, and in extreme cases, loss of business. In addition many managers incorrectly use the disciplinary procedure to tackle poor performance, when it should be a capability procedure.

This workshop will take you through the process of putting in place an efficient management culture that tackles capability and performance issue at an early stage.

What will be covered?

This 5 hour workshop will look at:

  • What is poor performance?
  • What can you do to identify the cause?
  • What can you do to improve performance?
  • How much do you need to do before a formal process kicks in?
  • Where does the law stand on performance and capability?
  • What is the difference between Capability Procedure and Disciplinary?
  • What are the legal rights in terminating an employee on the grounds of poor performance or capability?
  • How do warnings work?
  • Can you take into account appraisals?
  • How long do you have to give an employee to improve?
  • The relevance of disability and the need to make adjustments
  • The impact of an ageing workforce

In addition, Protostar will tailor this workshop to your needs, for instance, if you are going through a period of change and you suspect some employees will no longer have the capability to perform, then we will address this head on. In addition delegates will be encouraged to raise real issues they have faced so that we can use them as case studies.

Who Should Attend?

Aimed at HR and line managers who have employees that are struggling to perform either because of physical or mental issues or simply because they are not demonstrating sufficient capability.

Not Your Decision?

If you are interested but it is not your decision to run such training at your organisation, then please either forward this page on to the relevant decision maker or email us their contact details and we will subtly suggest they run it!

How Much Does This Cost?

To run this half day workshop inhouse typically costs £850 +VAT depending upon how much tailoring is required; how many delegates and the location.

To express an interest in Protostar tailoring this workshop to your needs and delivering to up to 15 managers, please contact us here.

Expressing interest does not commit you!

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