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Our Executive Coaching and Rapid Leadership Coaching, is used by many high performance organisations including Nike, Northumberland University and Trustmarque, yet our cost effective leadership coaching solutions mean that SME's also utilise our highly experienced executive coaches.

To support key leaders, executive leadership coaching will typically last around 18 months and consist of around 10 face to face meetings of 2 hours, plus a number of telephone leadership coaching sessions. We also offer "Rapid Results Coaching" which is a far more intense set of 10 sessions, typically over a 3 month period, when you need to up your skills quickly or prepare for a major event or promotion.

In addition to providing coaching we can develop your leadership coaching skills through an executive coaching course. This can lead to certification from the Association For Coaching, if required.

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All Protostar leadership coaches are qualified to diploma level, accredited to the Association for Coaching and have extensive management experience. For details of Protostar executive coaches click here. We can also put you in touch with high performance leaders that have benefited from our executive leadership coaching.

Instead of the more common "one size fits all" approach, our executive leadership coaches adapt their approach to the needs of the client and the issue presented by them. This leads to far quicker results and allows for an action plan to be set at the end of each session.

What Type of Leadership Coaching is Best for You?

Executive Leadership Coaching

Protostar UK are members of the Association of Coaching
Executive leadership coaching is particularly effective when a leader is:

  • Not displaying full potential
  • Isolated at the top of the "tree"
  • At a major career decision point
  • Soon to take on a strategic role
  • A minority employee
  • A female leader in male dominated environment
  • An International leader in an unfamiliar country
  • A coaching leadership style is required

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Rapid Results Executive Coaching

Protostar UK offer Executive coaching courses for businesses in the UK
Rapid results coaching delivers results fast

  • Clear development targets set
  • Regular coaching sessions
  • 3 to 4 months
  • Email and telephone support
  • Reactive support to incidents
  • Observation at work
  • A more robust feedback approach
  • Drives a coaching leadership style
  • Fast corporate coaching

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Executive Business Coaching

Protostar UK executive coaching for businesses in UK
Ideal coaching for business owners

  • Personal development
  • Management development
  • Business growth support
  • Specific training
  • Tackling personality issues
  • Systems and processes improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Supporting change
  • Promoting a coaching leadership style

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Outplacement and Career Coaching

Executive coaching and leadership management training by Protostar UK
For senior staff at a “turning point”

  • Career guidance
  • Motivation analysis
  • Skills identification
  • Career planning
  • CV revision
  • Interview training
  • Settlement agreement support

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Your leadership coach will work with you to develop a tailored executive leadership coaching programme and will use tools such a 360 degree feedback and personality profiles, to better refine an effective leadership coaching arrangement.

A high level of confidentiality is agreed upfront and any feedback that is to be given to the organisation, will be pre agreed. Leadership coaching sessions normally last about 90 - 120 minutes and are face to face, however they can also be run via Skype or webinar.

We currently provide executive leadership coaching to a wide range of middle and senior level leaders from blue chip companies. This also allows us to link up leaders from different organisations, in order to create a leadership coaching community. Corporate coaching or coaching designed to promote a culture where there is a coaching leadership style, is also a typical driver for engaging one of our certified executive coaches.

Rapid Results Executive Coaching

Rapid Results Executive Coaching is an intense set of 10 sessions, over a 3 or 4 month period, normally in response to a specific time constrained need, such as preparation for an event, a sudden promotion or simply because the manager must up their skills quickly.

This process is all about speed and therefore timings and locations for the meetings are very flexible, often including late night phone calls, to help prepare for key events the following day. The style of leadership coaching is more directive than in our standard executive coaching arrangements and the sessions will often combine leadership coaching with a practical working session, for instance planning an event, scripting a conversation or researching specific facts.

Executive Business Coaching

Executive business coaching is essentially one to one management or business training, provided when a generic training course would not be suitable or when the development needs is specific to the behaviours or personality of an employee.

Alternatively it could be designed to assist the manager in running or developing a business. This type of coaching is often taken up by business owners and entrepreneurs as it can flex between personal, managerial and business development. Such leadership coaching would be bespoke and come after a thorough training needs analysis. In many cases, business owners wish to move away from the day to day decision making and encourage others to run the business, utilising a coaching style of leadership. Our executives coaches help the business owner to "let go" and learn the relevant coaching skills.

Career And Outplacement Coaching

Protostar Consultants are Associate Members of the Association for Coaching. NLP practitioners or masters. We are accredited by the British Psychological Society to use a wide range of psychometric tools to assist the executive business coaching and executive leadership coaching process.

Not convinced your company will fund executive coaching? Let us help you pull together a business case with a clear ROI statement. We can also put your employer in touch with leaders who will testify to our success.

To find out about whether a leadership coach could help you or your leaders, contact us and hear how we can rapidly bring results. We can also make it far more cost effective for you, by charging by the day, which allows you to have three managers coached on each visit.

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