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Half Day Workshop From £22 Per Delegate

Protostar Half Day Workshop

Despite extensive roll out of Caldicott guidance and information governance policies, data and reputations are still being lost in the health sector at an alarming rate.

Hardly a week goes by without yet another embarrassing press feature on medical records found in a public place or someone saying something inappropriate on Twitter or Facebook.

Part Of The Problem Is
  • Ease of access to data
  • Portability of Data
  • Access to the internet
  • Use of smart phones
  • Social media e.g. Facebook or Twitter
  • Internet adiction
  • Interested parties looking for embarrassing information

Why Should You Be Concerned?

Aside from the obvious desire to not lose patient data and the subsequent stress and bad PR this can cause, there are far wider issues.

  • As an employer, you are obliged by law to protect your employees from harassment including cyber bullying.
  • Your organisation's reputation could be ruined by comments or photos posted on social media sites
  • Your commercial data could be around the world in seconds
  • Your staff are wasting time using the internet during work hours

Various studies indicate that non work related use of the internet, carried out while at work, has risen to an average of 3 hours per week per IT user, despite policies and controls.

So What Can You Do?

Protostar have designed a half day workshop aimed at Caldicott Guardians and managers whose staff have easy access to the internet and medical records. So far over 100 NHS and care sector managers have attended and gone away with action plans for their organisations.

Our half day intensive workshop caters for up to 20 delegates and is run at your site if you have the facilities or we can help organise a suitable venue near to you. It is not run as a public/open course however you are free to invite managers from nearby health facilities.

Half Day WorkshopProtecting Data And Reputations In Health Sector From £22 Per Delegate

What We Cover
  • Legal and Caldicott requirements regarding privacy and control of data (We can also go through your policies)
  • How medical records are lost and how to avoid this
  • The potential pitfalls for employees/organisations of social networking
  • How to stop employees looking at non work related websites
  • How to handle employees who are found to have acted inappropriately
  • How to get staff off Facebook and Twitter while at work
  • How employees lose their jobs due to their Facebook comments
  • How to tackle cyber bullying
  • Role of the Caldicott Guardian
  • Identification of areas that you should focus on after this event
In Addition Delegates Will Be Shown
  • How easy it is to access anyone's Facebook account
  • How easy it is to pass on medical records
  • How easy it is to bypass your IT controls and visit "blocked" websites
  • How to use Microsoft Excel at work to update Facebook and Twitter
  • Case studies of lives ruined by comments made online
  • Case studies of organisations ruined by comments made online
  • Scam emails that most delegates will have received and not noticed
  • How to stalk someone who posts their picture anywhere online
Why Are Delegates Shown This
  • Relying on IT controls and policies to prevent abuse, is not sufficient
  • Medical records are so easy to lose
  • A few seconds of madness online can lead to a life change
  • Assuming that you only share with your online "friends" is unrealistic
  • Most people do not know the possible impact of using a smart phone
  • It is so easy to fall for a scam email
How Much Does This Cost?

This 4 hour seminar costs £650* + VAT for up to 20 delegates or £875 if you want to run it twice in one day. That is a little as £22 per delegate.

* Plus any venue costs, accommodation and mileage at 25p per mile, if required

Want to Discuss Running This Workshop?
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Protostar protect data and reputations

In addition to seminars on how to protect data and reputations, Protostar also provide a free 8 page booklet for employers to distribute to their staff.

The booklet contains information on

  • Websites,
  • Email etiquette,
  • Cyber bullying,
  • Social networking,
  • And more.

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Download Lets Talk About The Internet Booklet

This Free Booklet Provides Guidance On:
  • Using the internet at work
  • Email etiquette
  • Websites that should be avoided
  • How internet usage can be monitored
  • Internet usage policy
  • Use of social media such as Facebook
  • Cyber Bullying

There are editable fields so you can insert your company logo on the cover along with details from your own Internet usage policy at key points in the booklet. If you are considering restricting access to internet, or re writing your internet usage policy, then issuing this booklet now could be very timely.

In conjunction with your policies and training, this user friendly booklet acts as a reminder that when employees access the internet they need to be very careful and professional. In the event of a disciplinary issue regarding your internet usage policy, if the employee has previously been issued this booklet, it will strengthen the employer's case.

Cyber bullying and social media issues are in the news each week
Do not take the risk...take action now.

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