Coaching Skills For Managers Training

Protostar deliver coaching skills for managers workshops (or for those with opportunities to coach) in two formats

  • 4 days coaching skills for managers training + 3 hours of observed coaching - To gain Association For Coaching accreditation
  • 2 day basic management coaching skills training
Please note these programmes are not run as public events but are tailored to meet the needs of organisations and run in house in order to develop a coaching leadership style.

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Association For Coaching

Protostar have designed a coaching skills programme that meets the requirements of the Association For Coaching (AC) so that upon completion, participants can apply for Associate membership status.

The AC requirements are that you must complete

50 hours of training
40 hours of logged coaching
Provide a testimonial of professional competence

We therefore deliver 4 full day coaching skills workshops spread out over an agreed period of time, plus online activities to meet the 50 hour requirement. Participants will keep a log of all coaching to meet the 40 hours requirement. In order to provide a testimonial of professional competence, participants must be observed for 3 hours utilising a range of coaching techniques for managers. Once all these elements are complete a testimonial will be provided along with the application form for the AC.

Workshops Leading To Certified Coach Status

The 35 hours of coaching skills workshops include:

  • What is coaching?
  • How to give feedback
  • Transition to coaching
  • Active listening
  • Clean questioning
  • Paraphrasing/Reflecting
  • Avoiding advice
  • Creating the coaching environment
  • Building self belief
  • Building commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Coaching techniques for managers
  • Coaching leadership style
  • Self reflection coaching
  • GROW Model Coaching
  • GAPS Model Coaching
  • Dealing with coaching challenges
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Management coaching
  • Coaching Alpha males/females

In addition, after each coaching technique for managers is taught, all participants will have a number of micro coaching opportunities and will receive feedback from the trainer and other participants.

Upon completion of the Coaching Skills workshops, participants will commence using their coaching leadership style with their team members and colleagues using the full range of coaching techniques for managers. A log will be kept stating the date, name of coachee and the coaching techniques used. 3 hours of this coaching (with 3 separate people) must be observed by one of our certified coaches.  They will provide comprehensive feedback and if the observed coaching was of a good standard then it will contribute to the Association For Coaching Accreditation.  If however the coaching still needs some improvement then feedback will be given and a further observation will be arranged.  To date, all participants have become certified coaches and are demonstrating a continued coaching leadership style.  Management coaching has also increased with senior leaders coaching mid-level managers on a far more regular basis.

During the 40 hours it is expected that managers will use a wide variety of coaching skills and techniques, plus gather feedback from those they coach.  Coaches will also be encouraged to meet with other workshop participants in order to share experiences of using the coaching techniques for managers, problems faced and which coaching skills still need some improvement.

While not mandatory, it is typical that organisations will train senior managers first and then roll out the Coaching Skills For Managers programme to middle managers.  Having a leadership team with a number of Association For Coaching certified coaches also makes a good PR opportunity and assists with recruitment, as you can clearly state that your organisation has a coaching leadership style.  The programme can be adapted for people with no management responsibility but where they do have to coach others.

We can put you in touch with organisations that have already run the Coaching Skills For Managers programme, such as 

Draeger Safety Systems that are rolling this programme out across Europe, starting in the UK.  Senior managers went first and are increasingly engaging in management coaching with the next level.

Coaching Skills 2 Day Programme

The 2 day programme is similar to the accredited version detailed above, with the following differences.

  • Two full days (separated by a few weeks to allow coaching practice)
  • The GAPS coaching model is not included
  • 2 micro coaching sessions are included
  • Fewer potential coaching problems are addressed
  • There is no subsequent 40 hours of logged coaching
  • There is no subsequent 3 hours of observed coaching.
  • Less emphasis on management coaching

The two day coaching skills programme is aimed at managers that want to incorporate coaching in to their day to day activities but don't want to become an accredited coach.  It is also ideal for people with no people management responsibilities but where they do need to coach others.

In addition, bespoke programmes can be developed to meet your needs.

Coaching Alpha Males and Females

For experienced coaches, Protostar also offer a range of bespoke workshops and short seminars on challenging coaching situations.  A popular coaching workshop concentrates on coaching Alpha males and females, who by their very nature are difficult to coach.  

For more information, contact us.

So, if your organisation has a macho culture or simply has some key individuals that need to address their people skills, then let Protostar equip your team with the relevant management coaching techniques.  Or use one of our certified coaches to work directly with the Alphas. 

To discuss how we can help develop coaching skills for managers and a coaching leadership style, contact us for a no obligation chat.

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