360 Degree Feedback Systems

Protostar offer a wide range of online 360 degree feedback systems designed to identify whether managers display the competencies required to be effective and unleash their potential. The individual manager assesses themselves against a competency list and this rating is compared to those provided by their boss, their team and colleagues.

A comprehensive 360 degree feedback report is produced and discussed with a Protostar consultant who will help to construct a development plan and advise on solutions. Personality and aptitude tests also available.

For sample 360 degree feedback reports, click on the images below.

Currently Protostar deliver five distinct 360 tools, plus we are certified to utilize the 360 tools developed by PDI Ninth House, in particular we use their individual contributor tool, when dealing with senior professionals who have no direct reports.

360 degree feedback systems from protostar UK Change Manager 360 Degree

Protostar consultants worked with colleagues around the world, to develop a competency set required by managers to get through any period of significant change in an organisation.

We were delighted to be awarded “ Best New Business Idea” when we launched this tool.

With over 100 behaviours, this online 360 degree feedback system is believed to be the first in the world specifically designed to assess whether managers are capable of driving an organisation through a period of change.

Covers a wide range of management competencies plus emotional intelligence skills and ethical competencies.

Emotional development with Protostar UK Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 360 Degree

Emotional Intelligence (EI), often measured as an Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) is a term that describes the ability to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others and of groups.

This Emotional Intelligence 360 degree assessment is designed to give an accurate reading of just how emotionally intelligent you are (your “EQ”)

There are 31 questions broken down into 4 areas, to ensure an all-round assessment and sufficient detail for an individual to be able to produce a self-development plan.

Probably the most comprehensive emotional intelligence 360 degree assessment tool on the market, the detailed 360 degree assessment is completed on line by the individual, their boss, team and/or colleagues.

360 Degree Feedback Middle Managers

Senior/Middle Manager 360 Degree

Completed online by the manager, their boss, direct reports and colleagues, a comprehensive 360 degree feedback report is produced along with a detailed development plan.

Covers areas such as leadership, communication, change, innovating and adaptability, strategic planning, thinking and decision making, planning and prioritising, managing and building teams, people management, personal effectiveness, industry knowledge and business ethics. An excellent 360 degree assessment to support your key managers.

Board Member 360 Degree Feedback  
Board Member 360 Degree

One of the only 360 tools on the market designed to give Board Member feedback, it is specifically designed to assess the competencies required to be an effective Board Member.

Completed by the individual, the Chairman/CEO, plus other Board Members and Non Exec directors.

Completed on line and resulting in a detailed report, the 360 leadership assessment feedback would be provided by an experienced consultant, familiar with boardroom skills.

Recently updated, this tool has a major emphasis on risk management, ethics and financial transparency.

The 360 degree assessment covers areas such as, objective setting, corporate governance, strategic planning, board room meetings, leadership, communication, analysis, inter-personal skills, personal effectiveness, industry knowledge and business ethics.

Supervisory 360 degree

Supervisor And Team Leader 360 Degree

Completed online by the supervisor/team leader, their boss, direct reports and colleagues, a comprehensive 360 degree feedback report is produced along with a detailed development plan.

Covers areas such as delivering a continually improving service, communication, thinking & decision making, managing & building teams, people management, supporting team, putting customer first, personal effectiveness, planning & prioritising.

Providing a 360 degree assessment to first line managers can help them to rapidly rise to more senior roles.

Management development plan is key to success Development Plan

After completing any one of our 360 questionnaires, a professionally bound report will be produced and the individual will meet with one of our consultants for at least two hours to discuss the feedback and to agree development actions.

These actions are recorded in a development plan. The development planning process is key to the success of the 360 degree feedback.

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