Stress Management At Work Training

As the second most common cause of employee absence, the HSE estimates the cost to society of workplace stress is £4 billion each year, with 13.5 million working days lost due to work related stress in 2017. By implementing stress management systems at work, you can help create a more productive, healthy workforce and save money.

As an employer, you are legally obliged to assess the risk of stress-related ill health and take action to control that risk. In the event that an employee successfully makes a claim against their employer for not protecting them against work related stress, the financial and PR implications are significant.

In addition to workplace stress surveys, stress management coaching and stress management training for managers, Protostar also provide a free 8 page booklet on stress management at work, for employers to distribute to their staff.

Stress Management Training

Stress Management training courses UK by Protostar
The best cure is prevention.

Let Protostar train your managers

  • Business case for stress management
  • Employment law
  • Biology of stress
  • How to spot it
  • How to tackle it
  • When to get help
  • Stress management resources

Employee Stress Survey

Employee stress surveys from Protostar UK Find out if stress is an issue

  • Online tailored surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Analysis & full report
  • Recommendations
  • Data drives bespoke responses

Stress Coaching

Protostar UK offer Stress Coaching courses for businesses in UK Where 1-1 help is needed

  • Tailored coaching
  • Identification of stress triggers
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Identify reasonable adjustments
  • Coaching for manager too
  • Stress management tips
  • Referral for counseling if required

Free Stress Management Guide

Free Stress Management e-Book
  • Download for free
  • Add your company details
  • Tailor to your needs
  • Distribute to your staff
  • Other stress management resources available

To download this free editable pdf, click here.

Stress Management Training

Stress management training for UK companies

Protostar offer both half and full day stress management training sessions for managers who want to implement stress management processes at work. Both sessions lead to action plans and Protostar consultants can also facilitate any projects that come out of the sessions. These can be run as an in-house session at your company or for a group of employers in your local area.

Using a mix of tuition, group activities, videos and action planning, this fast pace training, will send delegates away with many tips and techniques for spotting and avoiding stress, plus they will leave relaxed having learned to do basic mindfulness exercises.

What will you know at the end of the training?
  • Why you should be concerned about stress at work
  • The business case for tackling stress
  • The biology of stress - what is going on?
  • Personality changes related to stress
  • How to identify work related stress in your employees
  • How stress from outside work is still your issue
  • What you should do if you find an individual is suffering from stress
  • How you can help prevent your employees suffering undue stress
  • The legal implications if an employee suffers from work related stress
  • How you can mitigate or defend against any work related stress claim
  • Wellbeing programmes, what they are and how to set one up
  • Should you issue stress surveys to your employees?
  • How you handle an employee who is “off with stress”
  • How to raise the topic with an employee who is looking stressed
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Stress management tips
  • How to access expert help
  • The difference between pressure and stress
  • How to change people's perception of stress and those who suffer
  • How to access free stress management resources

Stress Coaching

Stress coaching from Protostar UK

Stress is cumulative and doesn’t respect the boundaries of work and home, however if your employee truly seems to be suffering from work related stress then our stress coaching can help to support them.

During the coaching sessions, we help the individual to create a stress trigger diary, where they record when they were stressed and what had just happened at that point. Once we have a better idea of the triggers, the coaching and stress management tips begin.

Typically we will help the individual to
  • Recognize symptoms,
  • See things in perspective
  • Relax
  • Be more mindful
  • Identify coping strategies
  • Identify avoidance strategies
  • Confront individuals
  • Make difficult decisions

This is coaching, not counseling so individuals are also advised to see their doctor to ensure a holistic approach is taken.

Conduct stress surveys in your business and find out how stressed your employees are For details of our employee engagement and stress surveys, click here

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