How To Devlop A Culture Of Innovation

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Increasingly, organisations are realising that a culture of innovation is likely to be the key to either surviving or growing faster than the competition. Previously seen as something that only applied to high tech organisations, now the need to think more innovatively, if only to save costs, is being encouraged in all sectors.

As winners of the prestigious "Most Innovative Leadership Consultants" award, Protostar are the perfect partner to help your organisation to be more innovative. The video above explains how we can help your organisation to be more innovative.

What you need is an innovation culture

Protostar have designed a process for helping any type of organisation to develop an innovation culture and currently we are supporting clients in the UK, mainland Europe and in Mexico.

Innovation Six Block Model
Innovation Six Block Model

How Do We Help Develop Your Innovation Culture?

There are many models for innovation cultures however at Protostar we base our work on the Six Block Model designed by Massachusetts Professors Jay Rao and Joseph Weintraub.

We use this model to help our clients develop a culture of innovation.

Assess The Current Innovation Culture

Using an online innovation survey and focus groups, Protostar consultants assess whether staff (in particular managers) currently display the behaviours that would support each of the six blocks in our innovation model.

For instance

  • Are managers risk averse?
  • Are ideas supported and encouraged?
  • Are resources provided to support new ideas?
  • Do staff have access to innovation tools?
  • Is there a process for screening innovative solutions?
  • Is there a common language concerning innovation?
  • Do managers understand disruptive innovation?

Based on these findings we run a full day innovation workshop for senior managers to both explain the results and to identify actions that can be committed to that day. In addition, responsibility for longer term actions will be assigned and all of these will then be supported through regular coaching.

Innovation Techniques And Support

There then follows a series of workshops tailored for various groups such as managers, technical staff, shop floor employees etc. Each will receive the same message but tailored to their needs and learning styles.

Typical areas for developing an innovation culture include

  • Summary of agreed innovation actions
  • Techniques for being more innovative
  • Assess different innovation tools
  • How to communicate innovative ideas
  • How to assess an innovative solution
  • How to persuade and influence
  • How to run an innovation project
  • How to spot innovation opportunities
  • What is disruptive innovation?

These workshops are split equally between educating participants and practical work or specific actions on innovation ideas. The expectation is that after each innovation workshop, not only will participants be more knowledgeable on innovation techniques and be motivated, but agreed actions or projects will have been helped forward.

Keeping Up Enthusiasm For Innovation

Depending upon the type and size of organisation, Protostar consultants will also provide activities designed to motivate and remind participants of what they have learned. This is typically done through:

  • Book clubs
  • Working breakfasts
  • One to one coaching
  • Regular email and telephone contact
  • Short videos
  • See examples of new innovation techniques
  • Visits to other innovative companies
  • Using online project management tools
  • Re run the innovation survey after 12 months

For more information about how Protostar can run an innovation survey and help your organisation develop a culture of innovation, contact us for a no obligation chat.