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Is facilitating change a painful experience in your organisation? Most leaders know the fundamentals of what they ought to do, however, demonstrating these behaviours is often more difficult. Leading change often involves multiple functions and managers, so coordinating efforts and facilitating change can be a challenge. Protostar's business management consultants have lived through good and bad changes and can facilitate a structured approach to change management training that will both develop managers and help to achieve a successful change.

Protostar supports major change management initiatives through a series of change management workshops, at which the appropriate leadership group works together on rolling out the change by completing set tasks at each workshop. For smaller organisations this same sequence can be facilitated through coaching sessions.

Pre Launch Change Planning Workshop

Change management
  • Agree the business case
  • Agree the objectives
  • Plan resources
  • Identify responsibilities and accountability
  • Identify barriers to change
  • Propose a method of delivering change
  • Propose a change management methodology
  • We provide leadership consulting

Change Communication Workshop

Change Management workshops
  • Design each key communication
  • Tailor communication to different stakeholders
  • Use communication to overcome barriers to change
  • Skills practice, delivering the change communication
  • Identify ways to improve employee satisfaction

Project Methodology Workshop

Change Project Training This session is optional, depending upon whether your organisation has an in-house project methodology.

In the absence of an existing methodology, Protostar will provide a tried and tested methodology that ensures the project sponsor signs off each stage from the project charter through to user acceptance.

Milestone Sign Off Facilitation

Change Management Sign Off Any significant change project will have a number of milestones that need to be reviewed and signed off before the project moves further.

Such change management meetings can be difficult to handle and a Protostar consultant will facilitate the first major project review point and can continue to do if required.

Change Management Review Workshop

Change Training Once the change has been initiated we will assist you to review its success and document any learnings. In addition this workshop will ensure that any control plans are being adhered to. The original objectives will be revisited and if applicable a Return On Investment will be calculated.

Often we run one of our best employee engagement surveys at this point to see the impact of any change.

Hopefully this will also be a change management workshop that ends with praise, recognition and a big cake.

Want To Know More?

If your organisation is likely to require support facilitating change but doesn't want to employ a specialist change management project leader, then these workshops, combined with coaching, provide an ideal cost effective solution. Contact a Protostar business management consultant today and make your change process far less traumatic.

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