Tackling Bullying At Work Training

4 Hour Workshop

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Why Should You Run This Workshop?

Protostar UK tackling bullying at work

Bullying at work is far more common than many managers and business owners believe. Unfortunately it is often ignored or simply not noticed until it is too late. Apart from our Stress Management workshop, this is by far the most cost effective event you can run, in terms of preventing punitive legal costs.

By running this event for your managers and rolling out a meaningful policy and process, even if you do later receive a legal claim for bullying, you might be able to mitigate your penalty, by showing that you have been proactive in prevention.

If you are convinced that bullying is not taking place at your company, then you might be interested to know that recent research would indicate that statistically, your view might be wrong.

  • More than two million people at work consider themselves as being bullied.
  • 80 % of calls to The National Bullying Helpline are from the Public Sector.
  • 18.9 million working days are lost each year as a direct result of workplace bullying.
  • 43.5% of employers do not have a policy to deal with workplace bullying.
  • 93.1% of all personnel practitioners say that bullying is occurring in their own organisations.
  • 82.2% say that weakness in management is the prime reason for bullying.
  • 49% of managers have suffered bullying themselves.

Bullying takes various forms and is often put down to "strong management" or "laddish behaviour and high jinks", however the effects on individuals can be extreme and the costs to an employer at tribunal, considerable. The poor PR from a successful claim of bullying can adversely affect business prospects and deter would be job applicants.

This seminar highlights both the legal and practical issues related to bullying leading to a practical action plan for delegates to take back to their workplace. It will be applicable to organisations that need to tackle bullying and those who want be proactive and ensure it is never an issue.

What Will You Learn?

  • Legal definition of bullying
  • Outcome of recent cases
  • Legal requirements of employers
  • How to identify bullying
  • The effect of bullying
  • Business case for tackling bullying
  • Difference between bullying and strong management or practical jokes
  • Difference between bullying and harassment
  • How to investigate bullying
  • How to support those affected
  • How to write a "Respect For Others" policy
  • How to roll out training

How Much Does This Cost?

To run this 4 hour workshop in-house typically costs £850 +VAT depending upon how much tailoring is required; how many delegates and location.

Not Your Decision?

If you are interested but it is not your decision to run such training at your organisation, then please either forward this page on to the relevant decision maker or email us their contact details and we will subtly suggest they run it!

To express an interest in Protostar tailoring this workshop to your needs and delivering to up to 15 managers, please contact us here.

Expressing interest does not commit you!

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